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  • I AM THE FIRE – Interview with GUS G.

    GUS G

    Right after the release of his latest album, Gus G ( answered to all our questions regarding his guitars, lyrics and recent collaborations.

    RYL: ‘I Am The Fire’ was just released a few days ago…Tell us, what is going on in your mind. Are you excited? Which are your next moves?

    GUS: Yes, I’m very excited about the release of the album, it’s getting great feedback all over the world which is something I didn’t expect. So, I’m very pleased. My next move is to go out there and tour to promote it.

    I start in Europe on a co-headline tour w/ Marty Friedman called GUITAR UNIVERSE 2014 this May.

    GUS G. w/ Marty Friedman / “Guitar Universe 2” Co-Headline Tour:
    May 1 – Tampere (Finland) – Klubi
    May 2 – Helsinki (Finland) – Nosturi
    May 3 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Stockholm Rocks Festival
    May 5 – Gothenburg (Sweden) – Trädgårn
    May 7 – Malmö (Sweden) – KB
    May 9 – Krakow (Poland) – Lizzard King
    May 10 – Warsaw (Poland) – Progresja
    May 12 – Munich (Germany) – Backstage
    May 14 – Hannover (Germany) – Musikzentrum
    May 15 – Essen (Germany) – Turock
    May 16 – Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) – De Boerderij
    May 17 – Hasselt (Belgium) – MuziekoDroom
    May 18 – Uden (The Netherlands) – De Pul
    May 20 – Savigny Le Temple (France) – L’ Impreinte
    May 21 – London (UK) – O2 Islington Academy
    May 22 – Nuneaton (UK) – Queens Hall

    RYL: This is an album that sees a lot of great contributors. What about its lyrics? Did you write them? What inspired most of the songs?

    GUS: The lyrics were mainly written by the co-writers. I wrote most lyrics on the song “Redemption”, but the guest singers usually came up with the lyrics.

    Sometimes I had song titles or ideas I’d throw at them, but they completed it. I did the music. Regarding inspiration, I guess it was just a period I was going through and I came up with all these different types of songs. I explored my more hard rock side on my songwriting, I’m glad I did that.

    RYL: In your career, you have worked with many important artists. Who gave you the best suggestion?

    GUS: I’ve worked with many great songwriters. I learned from each one of them and took different things from them. So I can’t just pick one out.

    RYL: “My Will Be Done” is the first single from the album. What is the meaning of this song?

    GUS: It’s about standing on your own, being independent and believing in yourself. I like the meaning of the song.

    RYL: We love the song “Redemption”– a great start of guitar. It gave us quite a lot of energy. What inspired it?


    GUS: I guess Led Zeppelin haha! That intro is very Jimmy Page-inspired. The song is a simple rocker, but has a great groove. Most times, the most simple songs are the ones that get you moving. Lyrically, that song is dedicated to the envious people.

    RYL: Since you have so many guests on the album, how will you tour? Who is going to support you on the stage?

    GUS: Mats Leven is going to be the main singer on my tours. The backing band will change, depending on the situation and the tour.

    RYL: What is the best guitar that you have ever played? Do you own it?

    GUS: I’m fortunate to have created my own models thru ESP Guitars. I’ve had them for about 8 years and those are the best guitars for me, as they’re custom made to my needs.

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