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  • Little Brother is Watching – interview with BUMBLEFOOT


    RYL: “Little Brother is Watching” will be released in 10 days….. What this album means for you, lyrically speaking?

    BUMBLEFOOT: This album feels like I’ve found a more direct line to my insides, not just lyrically but also musically, and production-wise.

    Everything is drawing from a deeper place. The lyrics to the title track “Little Brother Is Watching” talks about how the constant presence of surveillance effects us.

    In George Orwell’s book “1984” he depicted a future world where the Government watched everything you do, saying “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

    But what no one predicted was the evolution, our reality, where we as individuals watch and expose the Government, each other, everything.

    But with this technology comes challenges in how we interact, “We’re all connected but separated,” and how we use it to expose others, “Little Brother wants to make headlines, be immortalized…”

    Little Brother Is Watching

    Little Brother has taken control

    Shoveling dirt in every hole

    Predators to condemn your soul

    Watching you & watching me

    We’re all connected but separated

    Misunderstood and so frustrated

    A million Armies Of One have invaded

    Watching you & watching me

    We live behind glass curtains

    And act like nothing’s wrong

    Soon you will belong

    I know you’re out there somewhere…

    We’ve watched you for so long

    We wait for you to fall

    We will expose you all

    I know you’re out there somewhere watching me

    Little Brother wants to make headlines, be immortalized

    Everyone’s got an electric eye, we’re the Digital Spies

    They’ve watched you for so long

    I know you’re out there somewhere watching me

    We the people have taken over

    We the people are Little Brother

    Standing by to dethrone each other

    Watching you & watching me

    Paranoid, the lens is our weapon

    Desensitized, in our lust for attention

    Democratized, by our voyeur obsessions

    Watching you & watching me

    Slaves to perfection, don’t let them

    Project you as you are

    Reveal your every flaw

    I know you’re out there somewhere…

    We’ve watched you for so long

    We wait for you to fall

    We will expose you all

    I know you’re out there somewhere watching me

    Little Brother wants to make headlines, be immortalized

    Everyone’s got an electric eye, we’re the Digital Spies

    They’ve watched you for so long

    I know you’re out there somewhere watching me

    I know you’re out there somewhere…

    This is the new Totalitarian State

    1000 eyes are waiting for you to break

    Stay in line, don’t make a mistake

    We’re watching…

    We’ve watched you for so long

    We wait for you to fall

    We will expose you all

    I know you’re out there somewhere watching me 

    RYL: Tell us about “Argentina”, what inspired its verses?

    BUMBLEFOOT: This song started with just one lyric I had, “Now I know what it’s like to live two lives and have to choose,” speaking of a situation I was in, that we’re all in at some point.

    The music of the first part felt like a Romeo & Juliet tragedy, with the feel of an Argentinian tango. From there, the story turned into one about jumping into a relationship, then realizing the two sides don’t have the same feelings about each other and expecting something different than each thought it was.

    And in the end people are hurt, and hurting each other.


    PART I

    This is our last goodbye, young hearts will stop, torn souls set free

    All that we have is now, if this is what you want then come to me

    My Argentina, my love

    One final kiss ’til we meet again

    Now I know what it’s like to live two lives and have to choose

    Sorrow and song, they dance – let them, for all the perfect nights with you

    My Argentina, my love

    One final kiss ’til we meet again


    I never asked for your love

    You gave it all and now it’s gone, oh, it’s gone

    I can’t be obligated

    I never said I was the one, one, the one

    This is the Winter of our lives

    We come to play the final scene

    The curtains close and in the darkness we expose

    What lies beneath

    You thought I needed someone

    To be complete but you were wrong, oh, so wrong

    I’m nothing more than who I am

    Don’t put it all in my hands

    I never said that I could save you from yourself

    But you took the chance


    And this is how it ends

    Games of revenge that no one wins.

    This is how it ends

    We romanticize our pain

    And justify our rage

    We excuse ourselves and remove ourselves

    From all the wars we wage

    We call it love.

    Competition, foolish pride, taking sides

    We call it love.

    Stabbing words manipulate.

    It’s how we’re taught to use and take.

    We call it love.

    When you look back on what you had, not what you lost.

    Then call it love.

    But this is how it ends.

    All things must come to an end.

    And in our place once we’re forgotten

    A new day will come.

    And the sun will shine again.

    But I don’t know when.

    RYL: Do you remember the first song you wrote for this album?

    BUMBLEFOOT: I had ideas for songs already floating around, but the first one I wrote for the album was “Clots.” The words started coming to me on the drive home from the doctor’s office when they told me I had a tumor. I had symptoms that would show up randomly for about 5 years, and doctors would blow it off saying things like “You’re just getting older, it’s normal…”  

    I’m not that old, haha, and it’s not normal to piss *blood red*. I can’t speak for other countries but in the US I’ve experienced too much of “take these pills and go away.” That needs to change.


    And the clots, they never stop

    They barricade my veins

    And the clots keep building up

    They suffocate my brain

    I built them to destroy myself

    They’re circling the prey

    I push until I break

    I feel them start to scrape

    The core of all I am is chiseling away

    And every spec of life is gonna rot away in time

    We turn to mud or turn to stone, it’s the grand design

    A maze of petrified hearts and I’m lost inside

    We all self-destruct, to love is to deny

    And that is life.

    And the clots, they never stop

    They tear beneath my skin

    And the clots keep building up

    They rip new holes again

    You’re here to turn me inside out

    And then turn me away

    For all my life I’d choke

    On clouds of Savior’s smoke

    Until my blackened soul was burning away


    We build our castles and we stomp them back to dust.

    Like ants, we climb the hill again.

    Tell me how many times

    Am I supposed to die

    Before you lift the cross and let a man rise.


    We are the clots.

    RYL: Which is your favorite verse of the all album?

    BUMBLEFOOT: There are a lot of lines that are personal and meaningful, hard to choose… I think a lot of the lines in the song “Livin’ the Dream” but overall I like the lyrics best to “Cuterebra,” how they compare the life-cycle of gossip to that of a parasitic fly… I wrote the song while wandering the stairways of a hotel in Argentina…


    In the hallway down the staircase slowly opening the creaking door

    Someone comes along and smiles and for a moment all is quite the norm

    Avoiding all the crowd below the sound of conversations spin

    And patiently I wait in every corner for someone to come in

    Dry’d in dust on darkened floors, a gasp resists with every buried breath

    Watching shadows through the cracks of light that shape and sway with every step

    So carefully and quietly and with an undetected hand

    In comes a breeze it sweeps the room and follows with a distant slam

    Donned in bath kerchief the chambermaids unlock and let the daylight in

    She spoke of trees, and creeping things and nestled foundlings in the Starlight crib

    With an unsaving clench a bribe under the cloak is unconcealed

    And all her secrets now belong forever to whom she revealed

    We build on wretched ruins thinly veiled below our skin & bones

    Cowards, sing each other’s rhyme and add a verse of all your wicked moans

    It starts off as a whisper and grows into the deepest battle cry

    Pressing ears and spying eyes await the beast we’re nurturing inside

    Questions fly and so do I, the hole fills with our harshest stones unturned

    ‘Neath the cardhouse all my kings are buried and the queen won’t say a word

    We plant the tales, they feed on us ’til accusations earn their wings

    Sold out for sharpened tongues and spit into the air these creeping things

    RYL: What is the meaning behind “Higher”?

    BUMBLEFOOT: ”Higher” is about enjoying your life *right now*. And how a song takes us back to the great times we’ll be re-living in our memories.

    I was sitting on the couch watching Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” while writing the final lyrics of this song – something about it, feeling creative juices flowing, channeling ideas from the moment… this song was the soundtrack to that memory of writing a song about songs being the soundtracks to our memories…


    In twenty years what will we say

    When we look back on yesterday

    Silence falls and I drift into space

    This is the time that we will always remember

    Living for now making it last forever

    These are the best of days

    There’s nothing in our way

    You turn it up and play it over again

    This is the time when all our eyes shine brighter

    Just you and I and the whole world to fight for

    We can make it last

    Smile when we look back

    Just look inside and feel it over and over again

    We take you higher and higher and higher

    You feel it over and over again

     We take you higher and higher and higher

     You feel it over and over again

    This is the life, we live again tomorrow

    Letting go, the heart will always follow

    Nothing is far away

    It’s just like yesterday

    Just look inside and feel it over and over again


    Now twenty years have passed us by

    And we look back and count the time

    Burning like the Summer sun

    When the world was young

    As I lay staring from the ground

    And seven trumpets wait to sound

    Silence calls and I drift from this place

    BUMBLEFOOT Press Photo (primary)

    RYL: How do you think you will be able to combine the promotion on the new album and your commitment towards “Art of Anarchy”?

    BUMBLEFOOT: “Art of Anarchy”  is all about the music we created together, and sharing that music. If there’s any touring or time commitments, it’ll get sorted.

    But really, we all spend most of our lives doing more than one thing at one time, it’s totally normal. The album shoud be out around May or June. I’m also laying guitars and producing a rap metal collaboration of the band Generation Kill and rapper Darryl “DMC” McDaniels from Run DMC.

    RYL: In your career which is the greatest lyricist you ever met?

    BUMBLEFOOT: Ever *met*? hmmmmmmm… Neil Young.

    RYL: “Women rule the world” are you really sure? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    BUMBLEFOOT: We all know it’s true, haha. Seriously, we men make fools of ourselves showing off, competing, conquering, and why? To be chosen by women.

    We know it and we like it. It’s nature at its simplest we’re trying to fulfill. Men will try by any means – through pleasure, through control, but ultimately everything we do is all within a woman’s ‘Matrix’. I have no complaints being a man in a woman’s world.

    Women Rule the World

    They let us play with all our toys

    They let us think that we’re big boys

    They let us make the louder noise, but…

    Women rule the world

    They let us think we’re superman

    That we’re the only ones who can be strong

    But we break on command, ’cause

    Women rule the world

    I try to act so cool but you know I’m just a fool for you, for you

    I won’t stop til I reach the top just to be there with you, with you

    And I still trip over my feet

    And my heart still skips a beat

     I’m such a lucky guy ’cause after all this time

     It’s like the deeper I go the deeper I fall

    The deeper I go the deeper I fall

    They touch so gentle, play so fair

    Mend our wounds with love and care

    But they can crush us with a stare, ’cause…

    Women rule the world 

    We are the fighters, we control

    We’re always right, they let it go

    Behind that pretty smile they know that…

    Women rule the world


    We launch 1000 ships into the rocks

    And from the cliffs they watch

    Us sink down in our thorny crowns

    Women rule the world

    And beggars dressed as Emperors

    Offering you 7 wonders

    Promising the deepest thunder

    Women rule the world

    We’ll tell you you’re the perfect girl

    We’ll crawl for miles through the sand

    To win your hand and be your man

    Women rule the world


    RYL: Which is the craziest thing you have done as a fan and which is the craziest thing that a fan did for you?

    BUMBLEFOOT: People have done the most thoughtful and creative things, making beautiful art, but for me simple kindness is more than enough. I’m content with a kind word and a handshake.

    RYL: Tell us about the upcoming tour ….when you will visit dubai again? Last time it was great to see you playing live and give some guitar tricks to your fans…!

    BUMBLEFOOT: Thank you 🙂 I’m waiting on booking any tours until the album is released and I have a sense of what would be best touring-wise. I have shows in the UK in late-Feb into early March, and will be a counselor at Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas end of March… after that I’m sure things will start getting busy, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other in Dubai again 🙂 Always a pleasure!

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