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  • Walking in my shoes – Depeche Mode

    Depeche Mode

    It is 1993…the Depeche Mode bring the electronic music to rock…they are the first group Dark, Pop and Rock.


    the band was formed in 1980 by David Gahan (main vocals) , Martin Gore (lyrics, keyboard , guitar and vocals), Vince Clarke and Andy Fletcher (keyboards)

    Is Martin Gore that writes , in his lyrics, the story of David Gahan that sings them as he was exorcizing them.

    Walking in my shoes is an autobiographic song, rebellious and desperate: try to be in our shoes…….

    As Martin Gore wrote in the song:

    Morality would frown upon
    Decency look down upon
    The scapegoat fate’s made of me
    But I promise now, my judge and jurors
    My intentions couldn’t have been purer
    My case is easy to see

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