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To tell you the truth, when we bought this book, we were expecting huge secrets to be revealed to us…….. it didn’t happen exactly like this.

The book, written by Robert Lodge and published by Carlton Books in 2013, is almost 300 pages of little stories of rock and roll, pop and rap…..you will start a journey from the death of Otis Redding to the 50 Cent story of him being shot 9 times.

We found it very funny and easy to read, it will give you a lot of insight on the world of music; only one suggestion from us……

If you are a historian of rock and roll, always updated on everything that happens in this magic world, then, maybe, this is not the book for you…….you will know all the stories and you will end up criticising it.


if you will display this book on your coffee table in your living room, for sure your friends will appreciate to go trough its pages…… in the meantime you can always prepare a nice whiskey……that will be a great start of a funny night!

It doesn’t belong to the same author, but (for sure) you will enjoy also this video

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