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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I usually do these with Phil Lanzon our keyboard player who I co-write with.

We usually play around with the melody and sometimes on writing the melody a phrase or word would pop in and give some direction as to how the song will go.

Other than that we try to fund a subject that we can both relate to and go with that.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


That’s a hard one but this verse resonates on a Box/Lanzon song called ‘Question.’

There’s a lie that runs
Across the human race
There’s a truth that draws
A tear upon your face
A child is crying and it echoes
All over the world

And the one of your favorite song? 

That would have to be ‘July Morning.’ The song was originally 3 separate songs but I suggested they were put together and then the song was born, but that does not get a writing credit.



What inspired “Easy Livin’ ”?

We were completely worn out with 9 months touring and then straight into the studio for 3 months and we made a sarcastic comment about this being ‘Easy livin’

Ken Hensley our keyboard player at the time picked upon the idea and ran with it.



And “The wizard”?

You would have to ask Ken Hensley & Mark Clarke the writers.

However we hit upon a lyrical wizard mystical theme that captured everyone’s imagination and influenced so many other bands.



What was the best show of your career?

I do not really have one but being the first western rock band to play in Moscow Russia in December 1987 was pretty momentous.

The show wasn’t particularly brilliant as we were on dodgy hired equipment but the occasion was immense.

Through our success many bands followed in our wake so we were pioneers of rock music in a way.




Do you remember the day you wrote “Stealin’ “?

We were in the Château d’Hérouville just outside Paris France when we recorded this number.

It was written by Ken Hensley and it had an immediate connection for the members of the band and it is still in our set list to this day.


What does music mean for you?

Everything! Music and Family are intrinsically entwined. A life without music is inconceivable.


Personal question: what makes you happy in life? 


Family, Music, Playing shows & Touring, Football, our English Setter Dog ‘Iggy,’ my cat ‘Biscuit” writing songs. I generally have a upbeat demeanor and am very positive.


Photo credit: Christie Goodwin

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