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your new album is titled “a long kiss goodbye”, what does it represents for you?

the human tendency to elongate ones own suffering; however, out of that can come real strength and beauty. 


what inspired its lyrics?

no fanciness. just truth an honest though regarding whats going on around us. theres a song called “fishing line” which was written about my time as a barista.


do you remember the day you wrote “Saturday”?

yes, the song was written late at night. i almost decided to finish it so i could sleep. 


how do you usually, write a song?

with kid bloom we usually individually write songs and bring them in. we do flesh out ideas together as well. 


what is the best verse you wrote?

not sure it has been written yet.


and the one of your favorite song?

homage – mild high club


tell us more about “take my breath away”….

we wanted a celestial bee gees vibe coupled with electric light orchestra instrumentation. mainly, the idea was to modernize this idea of disco. 


are you planning a tour soon?



what inspired “she only stays on the weekend”?

– my ex girlfriend 🙂


what is the best suggestion that you ever received and the one that you would give to your fans?

believe in aliens



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