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Is there a link, lyrically speaking, among all the songs of your upcoming album?


Not to be bland, but, I guess the only link is me, it’s kinda sketches about my life.

With a bit of political confusion thrown in. I think if I had written it now there would be lots more of that.


how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I always have a pad of paper and a pen with me, things just come I guess. I find, for lyrics at least, that works better than actually sitting down and attempting to finish something.

I get a lot of stuff just walking around cities, and weirdly enough on this album, from dreams.

I’ll just wake up with a song in my head, and if I’m lucky enough to be quick and write it down, it always seems to be pretty solid.

You could say my subconscious wrote a fair amount of this album.


What inspired “Just leave me there”?


Okay, I’m gonna be honest here.

We were listening to everything we had and I was talking with my guitar player about how there wasn’t much sorta punk old style Jaya on this album.

He had this rough draft of a punk song on his GarageBand and I just took it out on the porch and tried to write something I might have done for our first or second album.

To be honest, it’s pretty damn simple – Just escapism. I was kinda thinking of my yearly winter trips to Asia.


and “ Sunday morning”?


I came up with that one outside a night bar in the red light district where I live.

There were a bunch of us standing outside deciding if we should call it a night, and we were all like, “f##k it we don’t have anything else to do”, and went back inside.

I wrote half of it in like a minute in a bathroom stall, making questionable life decisions with a couple of friends.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


God, that’s tough.

There are bits and pieces everywhere I’m pretty proud of. I think the verses of closing time might be amongst my favorites.

On this album I like the flow of the story in ‘Good Day For The Damned”.


what does punk rock mean for you?


To me, punk rock is freedom.

It’s the ability to question anything and everything through art. Lack of restrictions. Rebel music.


how did your music evolved across the years?


I keep listening. I try to never make the same album twice.


tell us about the upcoming tour…


The band has changed members lots over the years, and we might be one of the luckiest bands in the world in that regards.

With one exception, early on, every single person has left as family – we stay close and in touch, and they often come in and out as people lives evolve.

So, the stage show has always changed with the personalities who are up there that night. But, because of this, past albums are written mostly by me with influences here and there.

This is the first one written (musically) as a total collective that will tour it, so we’re all invested artistically. So I think it’s gonna be fun as f##k, cause everyone is playing parts they’ve written, everyone has a stamp.

I’m looking forward to it!


do you remember the day you wrote “huddersfield rain”

I do.

Karl (our guitarist) and myself were sitting on my back porch and I had this vague idea of a love song based on a specific town, originally my ex gf’s.

The line ‘buy me a drink and let me tell you why I need it’ just seemed like such a classic British love story but I couldn’t place it there anymore so I messaged a friend of mine in Norwich, you can’t write a love song without a muse, although sometimes my muse is other people’s relationships I’m friends with, but yeah I asked her ‘can I write a love song about you?’

She’s beautiful and mad and drunk and together and just fantastic and we’ve been buddies for years, and she was like go with it.

So I just channeled her personality and the affection I had for her and experiences we had had and wrote it.

When we got into the studio Karl and I were laughing about how the story somehow seemed appropriate to huddersfield, where he’s from, and it kinda rolls off the tongue lyrically better than Norwich, and there it was.


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