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Tell us more about your upcoming album…..

It’s my debut record and it’s out very soon! Oct 20!

It’s basically a collection of songs written over the past year and half. Sonically it’s broad and takes a few twists and turns, there are also some incredible guests on there.

Honoured to have vocals by Dennis Lyxzen (Refused) Jason Aalon Butler (Let Live) and an incredible local MC called Sampa The Great.


what was the most difficult moment during its preparation?


The most difficult part of the process was recording with noise restrictions.

All tracks were written and recorded in my apartment, which is in a block of flats so we were constantly in trouble with the neighbours for making a huge racket at all hours of the day and night.


do you remember the day you wrote “future heroine”?



Yes I do, I was actually in Auckland, New Zealand and I collaborated with Mike Elizondo who was in Auckland at the time for a songwriting camp.

We co-wrote this song with another artist named Possum Plows and it came together super quickly, I think it was around 4 hours or something.

I then brought the song home to Melbourne and my producer, Kidnot (Richie Buxton) worked his magic on this track and made it sound rad.


and “dead wait”?

Dead Wait was another collaborative experience.

Kidnot and I worked with a producer called Moonbase.

He’s a killer talent and we all sat in the studio one day and crafted up the beats on verse one and chorus one – the back half was mostly Richie’s idea beats.

We thought the two grooves were rad so we merged the two together.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


Hmm that’s a hard one, always hard to look at your own work in this light – but I feel passionately about the storyline of a song off my album called Price Of Living.


It was inspired by a documentary called Chasing Asylum and after hearing the real life stories of refugees in that doco and listening to what they have to go through to escape the danger within their own countries, I wanted to write about it.


The verses are from the perspective of a mother who had to give up everything to find safety.


and the one of your favorite song ?


Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta


what does music means for you?


Music is expression, and it’s a form of therapy in a way.

It’s powerful and has the ability to trigger so many memories and emotions.

Life without music would be awful.


what inspired the song “closing ceremony”?


This is about how messed up the music industry is and how it’s run by wanky corporates.

The creative types are harder to find even though this is supposed to be the arts!


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