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your new album is going to be released in November, how are you preparing these last 2 months? 


We´re doing a tour in Finland and then rehearsing for the tour in EU. Basically just waiting that people will hear the new album

what inspired its lyrics?


There´s lot of different subjects, there are songs about frustration, there are songs about partying, there are songs also about depression, song about missing someone you lost.


in your opinion, among all the songs of the album , which has the most meaningful lyrics?


For me the most important song is “breathe” I started to write that about 4 years ago when a very important person for me died, so i wanted to write song to that person.

I tried many times during these four years to finish the song but it was hard ´cause I thought it was never good enough.

But now last autumn we finally got it ready.


what is the best lyric you have ever written?


“bombs and bullets won´t work for me, ´cause I´m already as dead as a man can be” from the song My Remedy from our last album.


and the one of your all-time favorite song?


newest all time favourite is “Maybe Tomorrow” by Stereophonics

can you tell us more about your song “river phoenix”?


Archie came up with the name and i thought it sounded cool, and I already had a song finished that needed some lyrics so we put that there, there´s also “river phoenix part 2” on the album and it´s the last song. The “River Phoenix” is about going through highs and lows and rising after that like a phoenix from the ashes.


do you remember the day you wrote “young Blood rising”?


Yes I was at my studio playing with this cool riff I had, and the melody of the chorus just started to play in my head, so i recorded that and made few changes.

That´s the song that probably came easiest to this album. And it was also the last song we finished before studio.


any plan of going in tour across Europe?


Yes we are starting our European tour end of november, we play 22 shows across EU. Also gonna do another EU tour next year!


what was the best moment of your career?


warming up for AC/DC


and the best show you ever done?


There are few, first show in Paris, France was insane, I´ll remember that always, then our first show after second album in Helsinki, that was f##king amazing also.



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