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What inspired your new track “New Past”? 

„New Past“ was mainly written and recorded during a session in a distant place up in the Italian Alps. That special atmosphere definitely inspired the writing process. Back then we were digging through old Michael Jackson records and that vibe somehow led us to the idea of time travel.

The story is kind of romantic and is about finally meeting your long lost lover.

This song is part of your debut LP, can you tell us more about it? When it will be released?

As you said, this is our first long player, which felt totally new to us. So far we released EPs which was a different approach: get into the zone, write a bunch of songs and put them out there.

With a full length album, we needed to expend our attention span and think in a bigger frame.

We spent a couple of weeks doing so in a small mountain hut. We are not able to drop a specific release date yet, but definitely this year!


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

David: I guess there is no certain method to it since we all contribute to lyrics. In most cases I start finding words when there is already music and a vocal line.

It can be just a word, a catchy phrase or an emotion which triggers the topic. As soon as I got the feeling that the main topic and the music click I start getting into detail. Finding the final version can sometimes result in a quite vivid and long discussion. But hey, viva la democracy siempre!


Except pen and notepad, is there any object that you will always carry with you while you write a song?

David: Having a phone or laptop with you all the time can be quite handy when a certain phrase or word pops up into your head and you are like Damn, that could work!

You’ll find memos with a collection of random lyrics on my phone. Not being a native speaker but writing lyrics in English, can give me a hard time now and then.

When it seems impossible to find the one word or sentence which suits the best, I go back to my memos.


How many songs have you ever written?

All of us write songs constantly, which is why there are probably a whole bunch of them. Some are meant to be released right away and some stay on hard drives for ages and might be dug up again eventually.

You know it happens sometimes that it’s all about the writing process itself and not really about the outcome.


Are you the first in your family to have this big passion for music?

David: I was raised in a musical household.

Music lessons and concerts were always part of daily life. Entering our house you would hear flute, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, tuba and Hackbrett.


What is the craziest thing you did for a fan?

Meh, nothing really crazy. Maybe we should consider that…


What is the best verse you ever wrote? 

David: Not quite sure about „the best“, but I really like „Open up and feel that love is what you make it“, which is quite short to be honest but nevertheless meaningful and strong for me.


And your favorite song (not written by you)?

David: Pretty hard to define an all time favorite but I recently fell in love with the song and its lyrics by Lee Hazlewoods „My Autumn’s Done Come“.

These words somehow manage to create a feeling of being totally at ease.

What does music mean for you?

Elias: When I talk to people about religion, I have the feeling that it is pretty much the same thing for me with music: it creates this inner place of freedom, safety and a state of letting go.

At the same time it’s kind of a mirror for myself: when I do music I am more sensitive to my own emotions which helps me to reflect.

Tell us about your tour plans….

We just moved from Germany to Montreal, Canada which is incredibly exciting.

So these days it’s all about settling in both personally and as a band in North America. Right now we are on tour in the US playing Brooklyn, NYC, this years SXSW in Austin Texas, then Valley Of The Vapors Festival, exciting again!

Then release our debut record, start writing again and keep on touring in North America and Europe.

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