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RYL: “Gypsy Rock” is your last single, what does it means to be a gypsy nowadays?

Madysin Hatter: When I wrote “Gypsy Rock”, I was coming from more of a metaphorical place than a literal one in reference to the term “gypsy”. “Gypsy Rock” is a song that celebrates empowerment and independence. The verses tell a story about moving on from really liking someone, then seeing them again after a period of personal growth and realizing that that person wasn’t all that great to begin with. It’s about moving on, and the freedom that comes with moving on. That whole concept seemed similar to the “gypsy” spirit and mentality to me, which is why I included it in the song lyrics and title.


RYL: Are you happy about the success of “Pretty Little Fool”, your EP released in October 2012?

Madysin Hatter: Absolutely. From beginning to end, the entire process of creating “Pretty Little Fool” was awesome. I loved being involved in every aspect of the production: I wrote the songs, sang on the tracks, was involved in the music production, helped with the graphic design for the album, marketed & promoted the album, and helped with its worldwide sales & distribution.

Each song on the album is very special to me in its own unique way, and to be able to share my music with other people is an absolute pleasure. The record has also helped me secure many once in a liftetime opportunities within the music industry, and exciting performance opportunities as well.

RYL: You do live in LA, what do you like the most about this city? What do you hate (you cannot reply :traffic 😉 )?

Madysin Hatter: Actually, I’m currently bicoastal, with my main residence in New Jersey. But whenever I’m living on the west coast (however short the stint may be), I absolutely love it! There’s no place like Los Angeles in the entire world, it really is a magical city. I love the music scene (as well as the rock history) along the Sunset Strip between Whisky A Go Go, Viper Room, The Roxy, and Rainbow Room. I love hiking Runyon Canyon. I love going out with my friends in Hollywood. I love the little bars and restaurants in Venice Beach. I love drinking champagne on the terrace at Chateau Marmont. I enjoy every single thing about LA, and I wish I could spend more time there.

RYL: Which was the best emotion of your career ?

Madysin Hatter: I am highly motivated by goals I set for myself, and am constantly working hard to achieve them. Once I achieve them, I set higher goals for myself. I love the feeling of achieving a goal that I once thought was impossible. That feeling is like no other, and it keeps me focused and driven to achieve more.

RYL: Why the title “Lightning strikes twice”?

Madysin Hatter: It’s an innuendo! The whole song has a double, even triple meaning. I love writing lyrics that can be interpreted more than one way. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Steven Tyler is my biggest idol, and he’s a genius at doing that with lyrics. He’s inspired me to be “smart” about writing lyrics and to strive to be clever with them.

RYL: Sunset Strip is full of historical places of rock and roll, if you had to select one which one you would pick?

Madysin Hatter: I’ve had the honour of performing at the world famous Whisky A Go Go three times with my band, and every show was such an incredible experience. I’m so grateful for those opportunities. I’m also looking forward to future performances at (hopefully) Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy, and The Viper Room. Time will tell. Each venue is an awesome place to catch a rock show! I also am kinda obsessed with the pizza, crowd, and decor at Rainbow Room.

RYL: How do you write your lyrics?

Madysin Hatter: It varies from song to song. Some times I come up with the idea first, sometimes the melody, sometimes a couple random lyrics, and sometimes even just the title. It really depends on the song and what inspires it.

RYL: How important is to “live” the lyrics while you sing them?

Madysin Hatter: It’s incredibly important to live and feel the lyrics while I’m singing them. It’s my job as the writer to convey the story in as concise and poignant a way as possible, and it’s my job as the singer/performer to live that story and bring the audience along on my journey. If I’m not feelin’ it, who will?

RYL: tell us about your future projects, what do you plan to do in the next future?

Madysin Hatter: I debuted my brand new song “Black Velvet Snakebite” at my most recent show at Whisky A Go Go a couple weeks ago. It’s an awesome song, that I can’t wait to perform again. I plan on getting the band together and heading into the studio really soon to record it and release it on iTunes. I’m so excited to share this song with everybody, along with my other albums that are already on iTunes!!!

RYL: Rocker or Rockstar?

Madysin Hatter: I’m a Rocker. In the music industry, but ESPECIALLY in the ROCK music industry, you have to earn your stripes and pay your dues. The rock STARS that I look up to and idolize have been working hard for DECADES, and I in no way would ever consider myself to be worthy of the same label as them. Not yet anyway, ha!!!

RYL: Last question, tell us about the lyrics of Rocky Road, how did you write this song?

Madysin Hatter: I was very careful to make the lyrics of “Rocky Road” very, very specific and personal to me, telling MY story, but at the same time, very very general. I did this so that anyone listening to it could relate their OWN story, journey, or struggles to the message in the song. As a result, “Rocky Road” is a song that invites the listener to walk away with their own interpretation of it, and it becomes personal to them.

 Photo Credit: Rose Hogan Photography

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