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The Wandering Hearts have released their long-awaited self-titled second album, alongside a new video for “On Our Way.” Rich with beautifully-crafted vocal harmonies, rootsy rock reflection, and folk-tinged songwriting, the album is the culmination of a long journey during which the entire world changed. The project started in 2019 with writing sessions in their studio in HackneyUK before they headed to the Catskills, NY for recording with producers Simone Felice (Jade Bird, The Lumineers) and David Baron. The finishing touches came early in 2020, when they collaborated with the legendary Marty Stuart on “Dreams” at the Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, TN.

Check out The Wandering Hearts HERE

Starlings and lapwings ready for migration over the field. Flock of birds flying to south in autumn. Murmuration. Rural landscape with birds.

The Wandering Hearts tracklist:

1. Hammer Falls
2. Over Your Body
3. Build A Fire
4. I Feel It Too
5. Gold
6. Dolores
7. Dreams
8. Never Too Late
9. Tell Me When I Wake Up
10. On Our Way
11. Stardust
12. Lullaby

The Wandering Hearts commented, “We cannot believe the time has finally come! Our album is out now and we are so proud of it. We are so happy it is out in the world for everyone to hear.”

The result is a vivacious record that celebrates life, new beginnings and shining through a darkening world. Remarkably, its songs have taken on a new relevance since they were written with heartfelt themes of the powers of positivity, community and always striving to battle against our troubles. It’s a quality that’s especially prevalent in their current single “On Our Way,” the central lyric “We’re on our way now, this broken moment is a fracture in time” neatly encapsulating where the world is at right now.

The song’s new video captures that sentiment. The Wandering Hearts are visibly elated by being able to perform together again, and the video is interspersed with an emotionally-charged narrative which finds a couple reunited after a long time apart. The visual was directed by Stuart Breadner (LaFontaines, Seafret, Del Amitri).

The band added, “The video for ‘On Our Way’ encapsulates the song perfectly. We shot it on a deserted beach on the west coast of Scotland which shows the isolation we have all experienced over the past 18 months. There’s a happy reunion at the end and it feels like everyone can breathe again – that’s what the song is all about for us. We were super lucky with the amazing sunset and it felt so great to be creating in real life again.”


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