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We are very happy today to announce that Whole Damn Mess chose Rock Your Lyrics to reveal the lyrics of their song “And Then We Were”.

Don Miggs just posted in WDM Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/wholedamnmess/)  :

“Do you know what it feels like to be truly seen?

I wanted to celebrate that moment where you realize “you found me”.

This is the song that documents the day I married Lisa. All the details of the event.

There are personal references in  every line and I could explain each moment to you. (Do you want that? We could be here a while).

Marriage is scary for some people. If it is don’t do it! Lol

For me it couldn’t come quick enough. When you know what you want for the rest of your life you want to hurry that up! And we happened fast.

“I blinked and then we were” is as honest a line as I’ve ever written.

Our song “And Then We Were” is available everywhere on November 17!!!”


A day is breaking

Tables being covered in white

Somewhere in Bel Air

A sister stands to straighten a tie


They’re taking names

Filling out the left and the right side

Behind the scenes

The camera closes in on her eyes


I blinked and then we were


From a lonesome party

In a crush of bodies

Love and life collide

You found me


The Blowers Daughter

Serenades the clashing of class

Confused the order

They’re leaving caviar in the trash


Trading words, me and her

The queen and the outcast

The rice is falling

As chandeliers are lighting the path




She’s giving me reasons

I’m giving her rhymes

She buys the ticket

And I take the ride


She’s giving me reasons

I’m giving her rhymes

We lose track of time


I blinked and then we were




You found me


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