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Anna Dellaria is back with a stripped-down song and music video for “Break Me Down.” The message very much intertwines with COVID-19 and how a lot of us have been feeling.

I had my first depressive episode after graduating college; Everything felt… numb. I didn’t recognize myself, who I was in my relationships, and my will to work had disappeared.  I tend to “ride things out” so I thought if I waited long enough it’d just pass.  It didn’t.  The process of finally reaching out for help was so much more vulnerable than I would’ve guessed.  “Break Me Down” was written right before I finally did just that.  At the time, I had no idea why I felt so unlike myself or how I’d get through it, but I made a vow not to let this darkness define me.  

Strangely enough, I think the world is experiencing a similar feeling amongst COVID.  This invisible darkness has pushed us into a paralyzing state of uncertainty & loss of connection.   My hope is that “Break Me Down” unites us – alone together –  in recognizing our resilience as a human race.  Although we may be unsure of where we’re headed, we too can vow to rise + uplift in the face of uncertainty: To not allow this time to rob us of our identities, but embellish them with new layers of strength. “ – says Anna.

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