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Today Another Sky release their stunning new single ‘Avalanche’. Listen here: https://anothersky.lnk.to/AvalanchePR

Avalanche speaks of the toxic masculinity that bleeds into every other form of oppression, that causes white men with badges to shoot black men without, that causes women to live their lives in fear, that causes men themselves to live in fear.” explains front person Catrin Vincent. The song is heavily inspired by Tracy Chapman and her frank yet poetic accounts of injustice, and aligns itself with the current #metoo movement.

The band will begin their ‘Open Rehearsals’ residency at Servant Jazz Quarters this evening; a community night bringing together London’s brightest young musicians. The first three shows will run throughout the summer and will all feature headline sets from the band.

They will also play Bushstock this weekend and open the main stage at Citadel on 15th July.



desperation on every street corner
let the blues through, they’ll restore order
they are not bad men
they’re in schools, they’re your boyfriends

a man shot dead while the world slept
the killer free, the police said
“a spider lived under my bed
and I was scared, I broke its legs”

these days have no up or down
but something still/what the fuck keeps us hanging around?
in the barracks, behind the keyboards,
we are the bird-song, we are the seabed
back in the trees, saying words wrong
the bailiffs climb and find us

holding water in our hands
a nurse was thrown into their van
“an avalanche fell from your roof
you let it drown and bury you”

when you hold them to account
they’ll spit you out
just a bad taste in their mouth x 2

they’re strangers, they’re in Hollywood
they’re your neighbours you left back in your childhood
your fathers that won’t make amends
they’re in schools, they’re your boyfriends

when you hold them to account
they’ll spit you out
just a bad taste in their mouth


Live dates:

23.06.18               Bushstock Festival, London

11.07.18                Servant Jazz Quarters, London Tickets

15.07.18                Citadel Festival, London

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