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Have you ever wanted to be part of a punk rock band in tour across USA?

If yes, be ready to board on a yellow (punk) school bus and start a journey with Social Distortion Minor Threat and Youth Brigade.

This movie, dated 1984 will bring you, in 78 minutes, in the toughest concert locations, will allow you to meet  crazy, insane, almost sane and spiritual punks from all over the country.

On top of it you will learn some punk dances, how to write punk song and, especially, how to survive during a rock tour (with 10 dollars per day for personal expenses); how to avoid conflicts with your band members, how to repair your bus and how to find food or place to sleep for the night.

Adam Small, Peter Stuart directed the movie that was released only in 2004 in DVD…copies of it are really limited….it is a collector’s piece.

If you want to know what does it means to be punk, how to “do it yourself” then, this is the right movie for you…you will love it!

Did you know that Social Distortion, for instance, ended up selling more than 3.000.000 copies in their career?

Maybe this documentary brought them luck……


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