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COME AND SEE THEM! Tweak Bird (http://www.tweakbird.com ) are going to be on tour in US this summer supporting the release of their new album that is obtaining a great success

RYL: “ANY OI’ WAY” is the title of your last album to be released next month, why have you decided to title it this way?

TWEAK BIRD: We abandoned all our preconceived notions to create this album. We decided we wanted to try it a new way, any new way…but any ol way has a better ring to it.

RYL:  we listened to the songs and we can’t wait to see them in one of your live performance, what inspired your lyrics?

TWEAK BIRD: With this album we started opening up a little bit lyrically writing more about our own personal life experiences, our own wants, our own shortcomings an started voicing some of our opinions on drugs, equality and tons of other stuff that’s not right in America.

RYL:  According to Itunes, “Lights in Lines” is the most favorite song by your fans, why in your opinion?

TWEAK BIRD: No idea.

RYL: Can you tell us how did you write the verses of the song “Weird Oasis” ?

TWEAK BIRD: Those lyrics came from a very inspired all night recording session. They came out of me, though I can’t take any credit for them. 

RYL: How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

TWEAK BIRD: All different ways, though generally it’s coming from somewhere outside of us, we’re just the instruments.

RYL: What does a city of LA gives to you musically speaking?

TWEAK BIRD: Legal marijuana and loads of sunshine.

RYL:  Which is the best verse you ever wrote? The one that best represent you….

TWEAK BIRD: That’s pretty impossible to answer, I end up disliking most everything I write, soon after I write it. Though some of the word play in the song greens are fun.

RYL: “Peace Walker” is our favorite song of the new album, how did you write it?

TWEAK BIRD: That’s sort of an amalgamation of two songs, the vibes in the studio were so good, we were combining songs, cutting songs from the album and altering songs left and right. it was a madhouse, we could hardly keep up with ourselves! 

RYL: Tell us about the tour…

TWEAK BIRD: So excited to go cruise these beautiful United States! So many buds and freaks and homies that I’m excited to see! And hopefully rad new peeps to meet. We’re heading all over the place so there’s no excuses to not come see us!! 

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