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The Louisiana post-hardcore outfit, As Cities Burn, shared a fiery new single 2020 AD” to celebrate their newfound partnership with Rude Records and Equal Vision Records and the return of original members to their lineup, placing both of the Bonnette brothers on vocals once again.

Speaking on the occasion the band says: “We are thrilled to be releasing new music, but even more so to be doing this with a partner like Equal Vision Records. We have so much respect for them as a label and have dreamed of being a part of their family for a long time. 2020 AD started coming together over a year ago as an idea that Cody brought into the writing room. We’re so happy to finally be able to share this with our fans – it’s been a long time coming.”
From their inception in 2002, As Cities Burn made waves far beyond their hometown of Mandeville, Louisiana. The heavy screams of TJ Bonnette paired with the clean vocals of brother Cody Bonnette, showcased on 2005 debut album Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest, earned the band widespread acclaim. Even as the band shifted through lineup changes, eventually losing the screams when TJ left, As Cities Burn continued to garner support through two more albums—until the band decidedly went their separate ways in 2009. Although they came together for several shows since their split, a future return was never certain.

Now, As Cities Burn return not only with new music, but also some familiar faces: After over a decade since he first left the band, TJ has returned as a permanent member, once again taking his spot at the front of the stage next to his brother Cody with Hunter Wells (guitar), Stephen Keech (bass) and longtime member Aaron Lunsford (drums) completing the line-up. The seething new single “2020 AD,” featuring dark, churning vocals paired with chilling guitar riffs is sonic proof that the resurgence of As Cities Burn will be no-holds-barred.


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