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Experimental enigma ASTR has released the brand new tracks “Ritual” and “In Your Eyes,” striking out on her own to debut her new sound influenced by elements of industrial grunge. Pushing pop’s boundaries, “Ritual” and “In Your Eyes” are unapologetically avant-garde; mixing electronic, hypnotic beats with atmospheric vocals and familiar pop elements.

PRESS HERE to listen to “Ritual” and HERE to listen to “In Your Eyes,” which premiered via V Magazine.

Ritual” and “In Your Eyes” mark ASTR‘s evolution to a solo artist. While “In Your Eyes” explores the fear of losing self-control, and acts as a bridge between ASTR‘s era as an acclaimed electronic duo and the present day, “Ritual” abstractly explores unconscious patterns of behavior – encouraging listeners to break their hardwired rituals to think for themselves.

“We acquire programs for how we operate within the world through our environments and circumstances,” said ASTR on “Ritual.”

“These programs expire with our coming of age and we must rewrite the system. Ritual is about the burning desire to go beyond the surface and explore what we have accepted as true within a domesticized culture. There is a pool of potential energy on the other side when we spark our exploration.”

Considered a Hype Machine breakthrough artist, ASTR‘s current iteration will take many, ever changing forms. “Our only constant is change and the moment we become fixed in nature our evolution stops. Nature is fluid and so is ASTR,” she concluded.

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