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Tell us more about your album “At the end of the world” are you happy of the success it obtained so far?”

At the End of the World” dropped back in September.

We recorded it in Memphis, TN with Justin Rimer (Saving Abel, 12 Stones) at CrossTrax Studios.

We’ve had a really great response on the record so far and we’ve started to play songs from the album on these last couple tours.

We had a couple of friends, Marty Mccoy (Bobaflex) and Josh Brown (Full Devil Jacket), who did some guest vocals on “Drive” and “Suit & Tie Suicide” respectively, and it turned out great!

We feel like this is definitely our strongest release to date and we’re having a great time playing the new songs on tour.

Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all the songs?

The songs on the new record are pretty spread out in terms of the themes. “I’ll Save You” follows the “At the End of the World” theme. Suit & Tie Suicide is kind of a rebellion anthem. Drive is just a fun song. The whole record is pretty diverse in terms of theme.


How do you usually write your lyrics?

Initially, a lot of our songs are built off of a chorus hook. We usually come up with a bunch of hooks and themes between album cycles and then develop songs off of the ideas we feel are the strongest.

Then we’ll do pre-production for most of the songs in our home-studio before we head into the studio to finish developing the songs with our producer and track everything.

When it was last time you wrote some verses?

We’ve been pretty busy with our touring schedule and supporting the new album, so we haven’t put in as much time writing as we normally do, but we’re home now for a couple months for the holidays and I’m sure we’ll do a little bit of writing.

What does music mean to you?

Music is an important part of each of our lives in the band obviously, but I think it holds special meanings for everyone on an individual basis, too. I can only speak for myself, but for me, music is one of the most important things in my life. It is much more than a career.

Music has helped me get through a lot of dark periods in my life and it helped me find something I could be proud of as I was growing up.

I was a nerdy, socially-awkward kid growing up and music helped me conquer a lot of fears and doubts that I had. It helped give me confidence to talk to people and make friends.

What inspired “I’ll save you”?”

I’ll Save You” was actually pretty heavily influenced by a book/movie called “The Road”. If you haven’t read/seen it, you should definitely check it out!

The theme in the music video was roughly based on that concept as well. It’s basically a song that asks you “at the end of the world, who would you want in your corner?” We all need that person in our lives once in a while.

When we’re faced with a difficult time in our lives, you hope you always have that person that has your back and helps you make it through.

Do you remember the day you wrote “Suit & Tie Suicide”?

Yes, “Suit & Tie Suicide” was one of those songs where we wrote the hook first and developed the rest of the song as we went.

The intro guitar lead was originally supposed to be something different and we rewrote it in the studio (the part had actually been used in another song).

We wrote most of the verses in the studio with our producer.

The gang-vocal chant in the bridge was written in the studio as well. I remember sitting in the studio with the whole band, our producer, and Josh who did guest vocals on the song, trying to come up with the perfect chant to fit the song, and when we finally found it, we all knew it was the one!

It took hours and TONS of different ideas, but when we found “the one”, it just clicked!

Are you planning to be in tour soon?where your fans can see you live?

We just wrapped up about 60 dates over the past few months last week and we’ll be home for the rest of the year.

We have a busy 2018 coming up, so we’re looking forward to that right now! Dates should be announced soon!

What is your biggest dream?

Our dream is to continue to do what we do. We just love to play music and make friends out on the road!

It is our dream to continue writing and performing music that makes our fans feel something.

We recently had a fan come up and tell us they had chills hearing “I’ll Save You” the first time, and that is the kind of stuff that keeps us going!



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