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After ending 2020 on a high with her single “Cursed”AViVA hasn’t wasted any time getting back in our ears with her powerful new single ​”ANTIHERO” ​her first release for 2021. This song sets the scene for what AViVA fans are to expect this year, namely more music, and more story as her teasers and artwork continue to build the universe she’s revealing.

With her increasing global profile AViVA is treating her fans, many of who are still in various levels of lockdown and restrictions with live-streamed rehearsals, twitch streaming, as well as her usual social engagement across a multitude of platforms. AViVA often speaks about how important her fans and community are to her.

Here is what AViVA has said about ​”ANTIHERO”​: “To me ​‘ANTIHERO’​ is about shaking off the shackles of guilt. That burden of not doing what’s expected of you, or not being enough… sometimes you’re not the hero someone expects you to be, but that pressure is still there. That sort of pressure can often feel like a prison in itself and people expect you to sit down and make yourself at home there”. 

As always 2021 looks like it’s going to be a massive year for AViVA so ​”ANTIHERO” ​is just the beginning.


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