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After her big year, including her debut US tour and the release of her debut album “Volume I”, as well as a constant stream of new singles, AViVA has certainly been keeping fans well-fed throughout the pandemic. Her genuine exploration of the ‘outsider-experience’ and her hands-on approach to fan interaction has left a mark on people this year as her global fan base continues to grow.

With her next single out just in time for Halloween, AViVA is showing us that she is not just Queen of the OUTSiDERS, she’s also the ​Queen of the Freaks​.

This latest single marks the fourth consecutive year she has released a song around Halloween time and this one does not fail to deliver. With lyrics like ‘I’m a freak, don’t I show it – I’m a freak, and I own it’ this song holds onto AViVA’s ideology around “not fitting in, and not wanting to fit in”. This song follows AViVA’s launch of “WYTCH”, her own fashion label.

Here is what she has to say about the new song:

“I wish I could say that things have changed, and people have started accepting others of all backgrounds, interests and lives, but it appears that in some ways our world is becoming more divisive than ever. ​QOTF ​is about owning whatever it is that makes you different and saying ‘your loss’ to the haters. I think what makes ​QOTF ​unique is that despite that THIS IS ME attitude, you can still feel the vulnerability around those decisions. It takes courage to be yourself, and sometimes it can feel lonely. But pretending to be someone you’re not is a far more lonely and isolating experience, and to many (like me) it’s just not an option anyway”. 


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