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After starting 2021 on a strong note with her last single “ANTIHERO” AViVA isn’t wasting any time with releasing new music this year. ‘HOUDINI’ continues developing the sonic palette that AViVA fans know and love, with her powerful, yet still vulnerable lyrics expanding on those themes of self expression and creativity. With her increasing global profile AViVA is treating her fans, many of who are still in various levels of lockdown and restrictions with live-streamed rehearsals, twitch streaming, as well as her usual social engagement across a multitude of platforms. Stream the song HERE.

Here is what AViVA has said about “HOUDINI”: “To me ‘HOUDINI’ is a conversation with someone and the two sides of reality. ‘I’m good, how are you?… I’m insane, I’m houdini in chains’. That lyric, to me, illustrates how often we’ll just gloss over how something really makes us feel, in the pursuit of simplicity– to make it all seem okay, when really we’re suffering. That is different for everybody sometimes it’s external, or internal or self-induced”. As always 2021 looks like it’s going to be a massive year for AViVA so “HOUDINI” is just another piece of her ever growing multi-verse.


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