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The new single from BACK GARDEN LIGHT speaks of the duality present in any decision that may occur in their lives in ‘The Right Side.

Back Garden Light is born in Bordeaux, France in early 2014. Band on the rise in the French alternative scene, their sound is a mix of modern pop punk such as Neck Deep or State Champs and a hardcore/metal side with bands influencing them like Issues or Volumes. The subtle mix between the genres makes Back Garden Light, add a touch of electronic sounds and original samples and you got the BGL sound. The band is taking a break from tour, after they did Japan, Russia, UK, EUROPE, to focus on their new album expected to be released in 2019.

The Right Side” speaks of the duality present in any decision that may occur in their lives. Nothing is completely good or completely bad. Any action involves both good and bad consequences. By writing this song, they encourage the listener to be more open-minded, sometimes in an ironic way when they ask the question: “Are you sure you’re on the right side?”

Back Garden Light: “We chose to work again with what made our first clips, Van Espen. It is a simple and effective performance clip in which we wanted to add a touch of originality by incorporating neon effects reminiscent of Berserker’s clip.

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