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RYL: “Back to the Camper” is the title of your last album released in April. Is there anything you miss from the first days of your career?

BOB WAYNE (http://www.bobwayne.org): Not really as really not much has changed. Except for a few more people at the shows now!

RYL: Lyrically speaking, which is the meaning behind most of the songs of the album?

BOB WAYNE: Depends on the song. Each of my songs are a different story. If I had to answer it generally speaking, I would say there are some story songs, with characters, some spiritual songs about the battles of good and evil, and some real life stuff that I was going through at the time. 

RYL: How do you usually write your song¹s lyrics?

BOB WAYNE: The music always comes first. Then the melody, then I just start blurting out lines randomly until one hits that I like! Once I get that first line, it’s basically like a puzzle to fit the rest in.

RYL: Which is the best verse you ever wrote?

BOB WAYNE: Hmm, the first line that came to mind when I read the question was “all my friends are family, and my family is my life!”

Either that or “be proud of who you are and where you come from, cause from blood to dust, ain’t very far.”

RYL: Tell us about “20 Miles to Juarez”, the fan’s favorite, according to ITunes charts…what inspired it?

BOB WAYNE: I wanted a good Duet, that was like a Quinton Tarantino movie. So I wrote it! I’m really happy with how it turned out. And Elizibeth Cook nailed the female part perfectly.

RYL: “Hillbilly Heaven” is our favorite song of the album, do you remember the day you wrote it?

BOB WAYNE: I was in this girls room after a show, and above the headboardof her bed was painted “Hillbilly Heaven.” The seed was planted there.

I wrote the rest of the song the next day in the backseat of the van in a Mexican restaurant parking lot while the band went to eat. I remember because I played it for them when they finished eating and they loved it!

You can hear the Mexican restaurants music playing in the background on my phone recording of the song! I always record the songs on my phone as and after I write them. 

RYL: Are you currently on tour? Which was the best gig you have done so far?

BOB WAYNE: Right now I’m on a break. But I just finished a 6 month tour in USA and Europe and I’m headed to Brazil in a couple weeks!

Hmmm best gig is a hard question…. So many to choose from. Probably opening up for Hank 3 was DEFINITELY in the highlights.

RYL: What inspired the last song (not released) you have written?

BOB WAYNE: Hmmm, well the last song doesn’t have words yet, just the music, but it was inspired by the song by Johnny Cash “Gods Gonna Cut You Down”

RYL: Coming back to your album ³Blood to Dust² can you tell us more about “Road Bound”, was somebody able to catch you?

BOB WAYNE: not yet!! Haha!

RYL: Last question: your favorite song by Johnny CashŠŠ

BOB WAYNE: Dang thats a tough one… Right now it’s “Gods Gonna Cut You Down,” before that it was “Ghost Riders In The Sky”

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