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Switzerland’s Barbie Sailers have just announced their new single ‘Tonight‘ will be released on the 20th July 2018. Chasing the highly successful ‘Follow’ and ‘Snowed Under’, this latest track is one step closer to their new album that is planned for a release later this year.

The band excel in pulling together an exciting mix of alt-rock that touches on a huge range of musical influences, sometimes more pop, sometimes borderline metalcore. ‘Tonight‘ sees Barbie Sailers making both a declaration and a message of hope to everyone that hears it; ‘Chase your dreams and don’t let anything hold you back!’. It’s a message the band are living, with their sights firmly set on not slowing down for any reason!

Speaking about the new track ‘Tonight’, the band comment:

After Follow and Snowed Under this is the third Single from Barbie Sailers. ‘Tonight‘  will be part of the new album coming out at the end of 2018.
The lyrics 
are about seizing the day and fighting against everything to catch your dreams. even on a dark night where you can feel all alone. There is hope to find the right way for you to do what you love and no one can catch you when you are running to a better life.

If Barbie Sailers are still new to you, while you’re waiting for the release of the next single, check out their previous track, “Snowed Under”.

Beginning life as a band in 2011, Switzerland natives Barbie Sailers have been steadily honing their sound for the last several years. Following the release of their debut full length album Already In Paradise back in 2013, Barbie Sailers have played shows all across Europe. In that time they have racked up over one hundred live performances, including support slots with such notable bands as Papa Roach, The Subways and Yellowcard, and they have more recently hit the road with The Color Morale, Blessthefall and Our Last Night.

The release of their new single Tonight marks the start of the next part of their musical journey that will continue with their new full-length album later in 2018. Barbie Sailers are living the lyrics of their new track, chasing their dreams and not letting the past hold them back.


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