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What inspired the verses of “Swoon”, first song released from your upcoming album?

The verses in Swoon were inspired by a night I had a few years ago. I had met a girl at a festival in a city I had never been in that I knew I had to leave in a few days.

I could tell I was starting to feel a connection with her, but knew that this probably would’nt work because of the hardships we would have to endure to be together.

But somewhere inside of myself, I knew that I wasn’t afraid of the pain that may come from it.

How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

When I sit down to write lyrics, I will listen to the song over and over again.

Once I have the feeling of the song I try and recall times or situations myself or the ones closest to me have been through and try to convey the feelings in the best possible manner. I

spend alot of time going back and forth with phrasing until I get something that goes well with the melodies. Then I build around that phrase.

What the last song you wrote was about?

The last song was about addiction. I write alot about addiction because I (as well as everyone else in the world sadly) has either been in those shoes or knows someone personally who has or is struggling with it.

I’ve seen alot of good people go down a bad path and it seems like more are going that way all of the time. It drives me insane.

Makes my blood boil. Makes my heart ache.


Is passion for music something that runs in your family or you are the first one?

I’m the first musician in my family.

They did’nt understand my passion at first, but now they have a very clear understanding. My brother learned how to play guitar though. So now there are two of us 🙂


What are you planning for 2018?

2018 is gonna be an awesome year! The New Lingo boys and I are dropping some new tunes that we are very fired up about.

We pushed ourselves in some weird directions and came out with some songs that we are really excited to show the world.

Then we are gonna get in a van, get real stinky, eat some Whataburger and play a bunch of shows.

Can you tell us more about the lyrics of “The Surface”?

The lyrics for The Surface were written after a person I knew had committed suicide. There were no warning signs.

He had been dealing with traumatic experiences from his past and just pushing through it on his own and self medicating until he couldn’t carry the weight of it anymore.

Once he was left on his own, he ended his life. It made me think alot about how much someone can hide behind a smile.


Do you remember the day you wrote “ High Hopes”?

The day I wrote High Hopes I was at my house reminiscing stories with my sister about a friend who had basically just fallen off of the radar. Noone had really heard from him in a while.

But we knew exactly where he was.

A few months prior he had fallen in with a bad crowd. Started getting into some bad shit. Thinking about the way we used to look down upon that, I started jotting down the foundation of that song. It is almost just like an open letter to him.

All the things I wanted to say to him, but couldn’t, because even if I did, he would’nt hear it.


What is the best lyric ever written for a song? 

I don’t know if it’s really the most insane lyrical line ever, but at the end of “The Canyon Behind Her” by Dredg. The first time I heard it I got serious goosebumps.

“Though half of me is gone

The lonesome heart is there

I cannot find the other half”

Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?

I’m not scared about it usually. I always kind of wonder if someone is gonna misread my intent.

At the end of the day though, people can spot honesty and that is something I try and portray. So if people don’t like what I have to say then that is on them. I’m gonna get it off of my chest whether it is loved or loathed.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

I’m actually really really proud of the first verse of a song we wrote called “Texas Justice”. It was a melody I wasn’t sure of and we worked on it until it became one of my favorite parts of Beloved!


If you had to use only one word to define your new album “Beloved”, which one would it be?



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