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<<‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ is about the fine line between loneliness, isolation and invisibility, to where you can’t seem to find a way not to be hiding in plain sight,>> Multi-GRAMMY award winning artist Ben Harper said of his new single.

Directed by Kristin Sudeikis and Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, the black and white video for the song features two modern dancers intertwining fluid and fragmented movements while Harper performs the song on acoustic guitar.

Last summer Harper released the single “Uneven Days”, a track that also dealt with difficult emotions. <<‘Uneven Days’ attempts to explore the depths of how dependent we can become on other people for our own sense of wholeness and stability,>> Harper explained. Directed by Scott Keenan and Kristin Sudeikis and choreographed by Sudeikis, watch the video for “Uneven Days” below.

Harper has also recently produced music for many of his ANTI- label mates including Christopher Paul Stelling’s 2020 album Best of Luck, Hey, King!’s debut single “Don’t Let Me Get Away” and in 2019 he both produced and wrote We Get By, the 12th studio album by living legend Mavis Staples.


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