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Woodstock, 15th, 16th, 17th August 1969……….43 years a go……..500.000 persons that joined all together for 3 days of peace , love and music.

One mexican man will become legend (15th guitarist of all time for Rolling Stones magazine) and will have an amazing success right after the festival: his name? Carlos Santana.

At the Woodstock time he had only 23 years…pretty young isn’t? He rocked the stage that day…

Behind him, those days , was Bill Graham a genius in promoting the band (like he did with Grateful Dad, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, etc…) that pushed Santana to have their debut on the stage of Woodstock.

Despite the fact that the most part of the people will remember the Santana’s version, Black magic woman wasn’t written by him….

It has been written by Fleetwood Mac and, specifically, by Peter Green

Find the meaning of this song it has been very hard….there is no specific one, the two most recurrent are

1) the woman is using a special power “black magic” to keep the man together with her, it is a kind of a spell that will not allow them to be separated

2) the woman is the drug (particularly acid) that has taken the body and mind of the singer, and she is so beautiful and so dangerous

Santana’s cover of black magic woman was a huge success but we thank Peter Green, without him we wouldn’t had such a song.



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