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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


Most of the lyrics are improvised in the beginning, they are not even in an existing language, it’s more like working with only vowels.

Then the more the song gets developed the more I start to take note of some sentences that came out naturally, and after 3-4 of them, I start to work properly around the lyrics, connecting those verses together.

I like them to sound timeless (avoiding words related to modern technologies or recent events for example) and also open to more interpretations, carrying multiple layers of meanings.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


This has been suggested to me: “Two more kisses on my mouth, with your lipstick I’m a clown” from Aphrodite In Leather.

I think it’s funny in a smart way.

And the one of your favorite song ?


“You’re a slave to money then you die” from Bitter Sweet Symphony.

But it’s the contrast with the music that makes the lyrics so good.

I also love Crystal Stilts lyrics.



Can you tell us more about the song “Silver Eyes Arise”?


It’s probably the one that differs more from what we ever done before, musically speaking we found it more pop in a way.

The inspiration comes from a dream I had where I saw a girl with a Modigliani-like figure waiting for me on a pier, getting closer I realized her eyes where completely white/silver, and looking at her I was able to see my eyes perfectly reflected on hers, then I woke up.



What inspired “Tempera”?


Listening carefully to “You Were the Last High” by The Dandy Warhols, I realized the same chords are repeated all the time, verse, pre-chorus, chorus.

This inspired us to write a song without changing the chords.

We tend to visualize images during the writing process, developing ideas for the artwork of the album in the same time.

The word Tempera is a reference to this and to the album title too, bleeding tempera magenta.

Are you happy about the success your LP is obtaining so far? Is there a link between all the songs of the album, lyrically speaking?


Yes we’re happy about the reactions and comments we got so far. Lyrically speaking we think there’s a thematic connection between the artwork, album title and lyrics.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Excess”?


I think has been inspired by The Raveonettes in the beginning, the vocal melody is from 2014.

Then each one of us added his personal touch and we finished it all together.

I think we instantly realized that Excess was our loudest song ever written.


What does music mean to you?


To me, music is a form of primordial freedom.


What makes you happy in life?


Many things, playing music is one of them, especially the writing process is beautiful to live, but also when you play in front of a crazy dancing crowd for example.

Not having a life routine is something that makes me happy too.


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Photo Cred: Benedetta Albertini

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