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Blessthefall - Wishful Sinking
Blessthefall have released “Cutthroat“, third new song from their upcoming album + Rise Records debut “Hard Feelings“, out this Friday, March 23rd.

The band had previously released the video main single “Melodramatic“, and “Wishful Sinking“.

Hard Feelings“, which was produced by Tyler Smyth with additional production by Matt Good and Howard Benson, arrives on March 23rd. It’s available for pre-order here. The band previously dropped the new song “Melodramatic“.
‘Hard Feelings’ Artwork & Tracklist
1. “Wishful Sinking”
2. “Find Yourself”
3. “Melodramatic”
4. “Feeling Low”
5. “Cutthroat”
6. “I’m Over Being Under(rated)”
7. “Sleepless in Phoenix”
8. “Keep Me Close”
9. “Sakura Blues”
10. “Welcome Home”

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