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Blondie Releases Irreverent, Politically & Socially-Charged Video for “Doom Or Destiny”
Starring Debbie Harry and Joan Jett
From Blondie’s acclaimed album Pollinator
“Doom Or Destiny” Video Still
“There are flickers of ‘Heart of Glass’ [in ‘Long Time’] – driving, distorted guitars, and quickstep drums.” –
New York Times
“[‘Fun’ is] a modern twist on the bands sleek disco-funk, blending a four-on-the-floor groove with pulsating electronic flourishes.” – Rolling Stone
“[‘Fun’ is] a disco-heavy new wave track that recalls the Blondie of yesteryear.” – NPR
“…echoes the rhythms, licks, and production tricks from the band’s ’80s new wave prime, only to get tweaked with fresh flourishes” – Entertainment Weekly
“[Pollinator is] a showcase for Debbie Harry’s versatile, supremely grounded voice and style” – Pitchfork
Today, Blondie have released their irreverent video for “Doom Or Destiny,” the opening track on their acclaimed 11th studio album Pollinator via BMG PRESS HERE to watch.

Doom Or Destiny” sets an agenda in true Blondie style and brings together music icons Debbie Harry and Joan Jett for a potent pairing – the results are both provocative and hilarious. Inspired by the current political landscape and social turmoil across the globe,

the video, which premiered via I-D, sees Debbie and Joan (on backing vocals) taking over a news broadcast, loaded with apocalyptic weather reports, feminist statements, satirical fake news and a presidential sock puppet receiving comeuppance.
Director Rob Roth produces a fierce and fun, female-driven ode to the punk era. Written by Blondie co-founders Chris Stein and Debbie Harry, “Doom or Destiny” is loaded with commentary on today’s state of affairs through a lens that only Blondie can create.

A long-time creative collaborator with Debbie Harry, Rob Roth first started working with Blondie on their No Exit album in 1999 and has collaborated on various album covers, photography, design, live stage design and direction with Blondie since, including the recent Pollinator tour.
“We wanted to comment on the bizarre state of media and news in the current political ‘idiocracy’ we are watching play out in real time and create our own news channel that dealt with current issues such as the environmental collapse, fossil fuels, bee population decline, global warming, sexism, patriarchy, Trump and Russia, feminism, consumerism, the marketing of war and more,” says Debbie Harry.
“In trying times we try harder.
Politics have become the new pop culture phenomena, but it seems the current landscape of music videos has so little to do with true protest or some kind of social message.
It can be truthful, but irreverent, fun and funny. The punk style protest is somewhat removed from today’s modern music,” says Chris Stein.
“Blondie – Debbie, Chris, Clem and everybody have been my friends for more decades than I care to admit.
They have their own style and were pioneers of the modern age of punk and rock.
 I am so proud to have been invited to contribute to ‘Doom or Destiny’, I love the music and I love the message,” says Joan Jett.
 “Advertising, news, politics and entertainment have fused together in a haze, like a Frankenstein monster, all sewn together.
We need to look harder, work harder to know what is truth and not be afraid to call out bullshit when we see it. Especially for people who don’t necessarily have a platform or a voice,” says Rob Roth.
“I wanted to represent a spectrum of female fierceness in this video, the many different kinds I know.
The video stars friends of mine from over the years such as, Severely Mame and Macy Rodman, Roxanne Edwards as well as Kitty Boots who styled the video. Of course, this is in addition to Debbie, who’s a dear friend and Joan, a rock n’ roll icon.
We wanted Debbie and Joan to have fun with the idea of taking over a news channel – reprogramming the daily ticker with what we want to see.
It’s a ‘f##k you’ to what’s going on in the world and a call to arms for women everywhere.
The aesthetic is from a more tactile era, with paper, ink and videotape – then mixed with the current language of social media and a metaphysical idea of time and other dimensions.
It’s essentially asking, ‘What is real?'”
Pollinator Album Art
About Blondie & Pollinator:
Blondie‘s remarkable 11th studio album Pollinator (PRESS HERE) via BMG is out now. The LP received much acclaim for its dynamic blend of Blondie‘s trailblazing sound and new influences from some of modern music’s greatest innovators including Sia, Dev Hynes, Charli XCX, Dave Sitek, Joan Jett, Nick Valensi, Johnny Marr, Adam Johnston, The Gregory Brothers & John Roberts. Pollinator was produced by GRAMMY Award-winner John Congleton (Franz Ferdinand, St. Vincent, Sigur Ros) and is Blondie’s most collaborative album to date.
It features the euphoric disco-infused single “Fun” (PRESS HERE) as well as the propulsive 80s-esque anthem “Long Time(PRESS HERE).
Visit www.blondie.net for more info.
For the last four decades, Blondie – Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke and long-standing band members Matt Katz-Bohen, Leigh Foxx and Tommy Kessler – has become and still remains a true national treasure; one whose influence both shaped and continues to inform the worlds of music, fashion and art.
From an irreverent Lower East Side punk outfit to bona fide international ambassadors of New York cool, Blondie will forever be synonymous with that punk spirit that lives somewhere in all of us.
Their chart-topping success, fearless spirit and rare longevity led to an induction into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, a NME Godlike Genius Awardin 2014, a Q Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 2016, and more than 40 million albums sold worldwide to date.


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