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Apple Music | iTunes | Spotify | AmazonToday, rising Australian alt-pop artist BOBI ANDONOV returns with his steamy new video for his release, “Smoke.”
The titillating black and white video sees the young singer waiting in the back of a car, hands restrained, while a mysterious female picks up items in a nearby grocery store for a night of pleasure. Watch the tantalizing new video for “Smoke

“Smoke is about two people who constantly go through madness when they’re together. It’s not a give and take relationship; one person is constantly more generous with their love than the other, which is how I felt at the time. BOBI continues.

“The idea of the song was very spontaneous. I was messing around with ideas on my guitar and then got together with Dylan Bauld who helped amplify the idea and bring it to life into this dark and sexy vibe.”

Following the release of debut single “Apartment,” “Smoke” solidifies BOBI ANDONOV’s place as an artist to watch in 2018. Equal parts soulful and soul-crushing, “Apartment” earned widespread praise from the likes of NYLON, who hailed the song as a “no-holds-barred bedroom anthem” and Billboard who called the song a “raunchy soul-shaker,” gushing over BOBI’s “powerhouse vocals and delicate falsetto.


Watch the Ellis Bahl-directed official video for “ApartmentHERE.

”In contrast to your typical pop singer’s sleek persona, BOBI’s is, rather mesmerizingly, obscured. “I found my identity through music I listened to,” he explains. Growing up in Melbourne (but now living in Los Angeles), the now 23 year-year-old gravitated towards artists such as PrinceINXS’ Michael Hutchence, George Michael and Terence Trent D’Arby, with deep understandings of how sexuality impacts those around them.

“They all had charisma. You couldn’t help but look at them,” he says. “Musically, they were all so fucking sexy. None of these guys were scared to play with masculinity.”

He’ll gamely attribute his omnipresent falsetto—which brings songs like “Apartment” to ecstatic heights—to Prince. “The way he makes his songs so poetic when he’s talking about sex,” he says, admiringly, “is just amazing.”

Where the sensual swagger comes from his musical touchpoints, most of the darkness comes from the mood BOBI ANDONOV sets before songwriting. “I write a lot while watching movies,” he says, (Bernardo Bertolucci’s bohemian, erotic The Dreamers was a big inspiration.) He notes that with “Apartment,” the powerful lead off track written by BOBI and co-produced by Dylan Bauld, “It started with an idea of an intensely vocally driven song. Dylan and I just got each other instantly. He amplified the idea with dark, minimal, sexy sounds and with ‘Faithful,” the theme is that you shouldn’t really get involved with me,” he says, laughing.

With two sultry hits already under his belt and more new music on the way, there’s no doubt that BOBI ANDONOV is a name you are going to be hearing a lot in the future. Stay tuned….

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