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Are you happy about the success of your EP “Born Digital”?



We are delighted with the success that the EP has had and hope that our music reaches a wider audience.


Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all its songs?


There wasn’t an intention to link the songs lyrically.

However, they all ended up being quite introspective and reflective.

They are all based on recent experiences that I’ve had.


What inspired the verses of “Control”?


The song was intended to be about my discomfort with flying on a plane, but it became universal in its lyrical content to talk about the powerlessness that we feel at times and how surrendering to the universe is the only option.

My intent was to communicate this feeling without being too literal.


Do you remember writing “Digital Distance”?


Yes, Digital Distance is inspired by the difficulty of maintaining relationships in the age of social media.

These online platforms serve to keep us in touch with one another but seem to dehumanize and disconnect us.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

It’s difficult to crown any verse as the ‘best’.

They are all expressions of very personal experiences and each word was carefully chosen to try to communicate this sentiment to the listener.

The hope is that they have had a similar experience and perhaps, can relate.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I usually write the lyrics after the music has been assembled.

I start with composing chords and melodies, then a lyrical theme usually emerges after that based on the feelings that the music triggers within me.

The lyrics fall into place structurally and are refined when the music is brought to a satisfactory standard.

What is the last song you wrote?


We are currently working on the second Qattana album and the foundation for most of the songs has already been laid.

Now it’s a matter of structuring, arranging and populating the music with lyrics.


What does music mean to you?


Music is primarily a vessel for self-expression. Whatever success it brings commercially is an added bonus to the therapeutic value it has in expressing life experiences.


What makes you happy in life?


Music makes us happy and we are willing to bear our souls as best we can to an audience in hopes that they share our feelings and emotions.

If we can touch one listener on a personal level as much as we feel when we are writing the songs and words, then it has all been worthwhile.

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