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Born Without Bones recently announced a new EP “NYE”which features covers of the bands favourite New Years themed songs. The record is out 28th December via Pure Noise Records, and the band’s second single from the EP is a cover of The Zombies “This Will Be Our Year”. Stream it HERE

“The Zombies weren’t really on my radar until we were looking for songs to cover for the “New Year EP“. It’s not technically a New Year song but I really fell in love with the lyrics when I first heard it. I really love the idea of the “don’t worry about a thing, this is going to be our year, we made it” story arc in a song. After hearing the original Zombies version I heard the OK GO version and was like “Damn! This cover is doing exactly what I would want to do!” We jammed the song a few times and settled for a crooning 50’s soul song style similar to our Pictures Of The Sun version of our song “I Was In Love” as well as our song “Stone””, says the band.

Speaking about the new EP itself the band said: “We’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a New Years themed EP for a long time. We have a lot of good collective memories whether it be parties at Jim or Johns old apartments or playing Mercury Lounge in NYC with Hotelier and Oso Oso a few years ago. New Years Eve is one of our favourite holidays of the year and coincidentally is the subject of some of our favourite songs. We started with a long list of songs and narrowed it down to three that we felt we could interpret in our own way. We recorded these songs in our practice space at the Sound Museum in Brighton, MA with some help from our friend and most excellent recording engineer and mixer, Jake Checkoway“. 


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