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Boston Manor give us another taste of their forthcoming album “GLUE” which sees its release May 1 via Pure Noise Records. The single “Ratking” refers to a phenomenon that occurs when several rats’ tails become intertwined and they get stuck. This causes them to struggle harder which only makes the knot tighter; eventually they’re unable to move and they die.

Boston Manor relate that phenomenon to humankind with this track. As frontman Henry Cox explains: ‘Ratking’ is about our inability to empathize with each other and work together as a collective. Even those who consider themselves tolerant should look at their inbuilt biases. I think our inability to show compassion to people who think differently to us is what is holding us back. We’ve seen this so much over the last few years. Just because someone voted differently to you, it does not automatically make them a bad person or invalidate their feelings. Even if someone is a hateful person, don’t deny that person the opportunity to change. We need to help each other to grow rather than trying to cancel, shout down, ridicule or attack each other”.

“GLUE” is a bold, outspoken and uncompromising record, one which Cox hopes will be a call to arms for everybody who listens to it – to make them realize they need to take notice of what’s happening both around them and on a larger, more global scale. Inevitably, in a critical examination of modern constructs, it comes from a dark place but one that fueled Boston Manor to create a body of work that elevates their craft further than ever before. During what singer Henry Cox describes as a “very chaotic” process, came the 13 highly charged songs that make up this record.

Like its predecessor, “Welcome To The Neighbourhood”“GLUE” was recorded at The Barber Shop studios in New Jersey, but with a very different approach to that record. Produced by Mike Sapone and engineered by Brett RomnesCox admits that these are not just the most primal and plain-speaking songs the band have ever recorded, but everything the previous seven years have been leading up to. “This is the start of our band finally becoming the band that we want to be” he says. “It’s taken us so long to get here, but I’m really proud of us for becoming our own thing. Not once did we think about what people wanted to hear – we just went entirely down the rabbit hole with it. Our only rule was to do what we wanted to do. And I’m really happy that we did that”.

“GLUE” Tracklist – Pre-order it HERE:
1- Everything Is Ordinary
2 – 1’s & 0’s
3 – Plasticine Dreams
4 – Terrible Love
5 – On A High Ledge
6 – Only1
7 – You, Me & The Class War
8 – Playing God
9 – Brand New Kids
10 – Ratking
11 – Stuck In The Mud
12 – Liquid
13 – Monolith


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