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Today, Brent Walsh premiered “The Way You Seem” – the second single from his sophomore release “Are You Even There at All?”. “The Way You Seem” finds Walsh exploring new territory as he delicately balances hip-hop beats and R&B melodies with lyrics focused on the insecurity of falling in love. The track initially took shape conceptually when Walsh found inspiration in a beat that his I the Mighty bandmate, guitarist Ian Pedigo, was creating on his computer. This presented the unique opportunity for these longtime bandmates and friends to collaborate in a new way, and the result is a bold creative direction for Walsh that exemplifies the tremendous range he shows on his latest EP.

I was walking by the room of my house-mate and fellow guitarist of I The MightyIan, as he was working on a beat. I immediately popped in to ask if when he was finished I could write to it for the solo record. The rap song on my first solo album became such a fan favorite that I knew I had to write another one and thus this “Justin Timberlake-esque” song was born.”  Brent Walsh about “The Way You Seem”

Earlier this month Brent introduced his forthcoming EP, “Are You Even There at All?” with the emotionally jarring video for first single “Cloud’s Song”. The EP will be released November 2nd on Rude Records in partnership with Equal Vision Records and was recorded with producer Courtney Ballard (I the Mighty, 5 Seconds Of Summer, All Time Low) at the MDDN Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Walsh masterfully pulls from experience on this EP, as he experiments with and further hones his sound, pinpointing his growth as an artist in the four years since his last solo release. The result proves to be Walsh’s most ambitious and diverse release yet, taking a bold step forward in his creative journey.

“My creative inspiration is constantly changing, but I have over a decade and a half of experience now writing bodies of work that reflect a certain period of my life. ‘7’ had a lot of sadness, and self-deprecation. ‘Are You Even There at All?’ was written and recorded from a place of joy. Pain can be an incredible motivator. However, so can love”. – Brent Walsh about “Are You Even There at All?”

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Are You Even There At All?” tracklist:

1 – Moon Creep
2 – Cloud’s Song
3 – More Lucky Than This
4 – Alone But Contently
5 – The Way You Seem
6 – Confession Repentance


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