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tell us everything about your debut album Broke, how was its preparation?


Natural we just got together and the ideas start spilling


which is your favourite song, lyrically speaking?


Good question ! My personal fave is… Soonish off Broke

It says a lot across all the lines.


Dirt is the first song, do you remember the day you wrote it?


Yeah it was the last song we wrote for the album and the first single. We wrote it 48 hours before the deadline lol


what is the most important thing to have with you while writing lyrics of a new song?


My phone.. I’m not gonna lie… I’ll Freestyle boys and voice record them. Then bang it in my notes if it’s fire


your favourite lyric of all time…


Of mine…? “One thing good about being broke.. You don’t have to rap about being rich.”


Off the world ?

Prob.. 2 PAC thugs mansion second verse…


tell us more about the release shows…


Well we haven’t played shows with so much new music out before I can’t wait to see what the fans are gunna do.

Considering how mad shows were in the past. But me I just wanna give the greatest performance I can.


the most important lyric you ever wrote…


Kill ‘ the yoots are too smart now bebates be happening in the car now relate when then it’s gone too far now if u wanna ride you best being the car round coz I’m down for the bloodclart cause if I’m in a wave I’m coming with that force and I don’t wanna be the white face of a black problem so if you got a voice trust man is gonna uplift yours !!’


looking at the next five years which objectives have you set for you and your music?


No plans just dreams. Dreams of supporting Mariah Carey and busta rhymes at a open air festival in Cardiff please lol

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