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Smashing Pumpkins were formed back in 1988 by Billy Corgan (singer) and James Iha (guitar).

Jimmy Chamberlein (drums) and Darcy Wretzky (base guitar) joined the band right after.

Many people tried to “classify” the band in one of the rock categories; somebody said Punk, other said Heavy Metal, some others said grunge or Indie/Pop.

The reality is that the Smashing Pumpkins are unique and they cannot be categorised in just one rock chapter.

The first album was released in 1991 called “Gish” while is the 1993 , two years later, when “Siamese dreams” was released that the band reached a bigger audience.

Siamese dreams sold over 12 million copies worldwide, Rolling Stones magazine included it in the top 350 albums of all time.

Bullet with Butterfly wings was published in 1995 included in the double album named “Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness”.

This song , despite the fact that Corgan didn’t believe apparently that it had the power of being a number 1, became the first single of the album and also won a Grammy for the best Hard Rock performance.

The song talks about the first years of the band and about Corgan….. “despite all my rage I’m just a rat in cage” and “I still believe I cannot be saved ”

The video was directed by Samuel Bayer and it is made inside a diamond mine.

Our life, the world, is not only about fame, fame is great but at the end is creating a golden cage around us…this is the way we see it….. do you agree with us?

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