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New York City………. 1974……. the year of the formation of Talking Heads, a band that many define as the one of the most important ones in the 80’s ……post punk…..some will say the beginning of POP/ROCK…….we definitively like better POST PUNK.

The year is the same of Ramones……the city is the same NEW YORK and the two bands were very close one to the other….. Talking Heads will open many concert for Ramones.

The band has been tighter for 28 years, till 2002, when was reunited once again for the induction in the Hall of Fame of Rock Roll bands……but will never get back together, apparently because of different way to look at their music.

David Byrne (the singer) apparently said that there is too much “bad blood” in the band………we hope anyway in another reunion…….we would love  it.

Other members of the band were: Chris Frantz (drums) , Tina Weymouth ( base guitar) and Jerry Harrison (keyboard and guitar).

The success of the band was also due to one of the best music producer in the world Mr Brian Eno ( among the artists he collaborated with you can find Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode…. ) that helped them to reach a broader public in 1978 with the album “More Songs about Buildings and Food”

Talking Heads will later be honored by Rolling Stones magazine as the 100th ever rock band in the world.

Burning Down the House was composed back in 1983 during a jam session using a technique suggested by Brian Eno, the one of creating the lyrics with no specific meaning……… only the phrase “burning down the house” was related to something David Byrne listened from the crowd during a rock concert

You know, even if it doesn’t make too much sense for us is kind of modern poetry.

Have fun watching the video and don’t forget to…. burning down the house 🙂



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