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RYL: Tell us about your last EP “California Kid”, what it means for you ?

CHARLIE OVERBEY : This EP came at a very dark time in my life and was a departure out of that through most of the EP. 

Most songs written during that time frame were pretty dark and I decided to save those for a happier release if that makes any sense.  

RYL: Let’s talk about the song “1975”, what inspired its verses?

CHARLIE OVERbey: Growing up in Southern California in the 70’s was such an amazing time in my life~ the first feelings of love and the true excitement of life happen in those young moments of innocence. In 75 I was 8 and already smokin pot and tasting the neighborhood babysitter. 

RYL: Is there a common meaning/theme between all yoursongs?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: I think the common theme is honesty and from the book~ I tell stories , my stories~ I like to think that if a song makes you feel something, anything from the emotion basket or takes you to a place past present or future then it is a great song because music is all about the escape or the exact moment. 

RYL:  Do you remember the day you wrote “The California Kid”?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: I recall thinking I wanted to base a story on my times good and bed~ tell the story of how no matter how dark there is another end that we eventually come out of~ ” and out of the bright side of the darkest days we’ve lived~ in rolls The California Kid”. 

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics and music of your songs?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: I don’t have a set structure~ you can’t just sit down and write most of the time , there must be an inspiration or a nudge.

At times I will go days without writing a song but then out of nowhere I’ll crank out 3 in a day~ True song’s are a gift that cannot be forced. I normally write music and lyrics together at the same time and go with that natural flow. 

RYL: Which is your favorite song (lyrically speaking)?

CHARLIE OVERBEY:  Of my songs, Last Deep Breath hands down. It is the truest of love songs and ultimate sacrifice aside from that of Christ. 

My favorite line is from Bruce Hornsby~ ” hey little boy you can’t go where the others go~cuz you don’t look like they do” 

RYL: Which is the most important thing for you while doing music?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: Ya gotta keep on breathing and keep a perspective on your youth. 

RYL:  Which is the best show you did so far? You will tour soon?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: With The Broken Arrows I’d have to say that The Overpass after hours show was my favorite. 2:30 AM and a room full of full tilt boogie party. 

RYL: Which is the last song you wrote (not published yet)?

CHARLIE OVERBEY I just wrote a tune called “That Was Echo Park” that will appear on the new full length album we are set to start tracking real soon with Grammy winning Producer Ted Hutt.

I’ve never been as excited to work with someone as I am Ted. He mixed The EP that I produced but to have him producing is going to be awesome. 

RYL: your favorite rock song (because of its verses)?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: There are so many great songs~ The Who’s Teenage Wasteland stands out pretty strong. 

RYL: What “I will have danced” verses mean to you?

CHARLIE OVERBEY: I will have danced is my story~ it’s my theme song sort of~ it states that I have lived~ I have struggled and I have endured~ I have survived and if tomorrow I do not wake~ well I will have certainly danced the dance of Charlie Overbey’s life. 


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