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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


It depends.. some songs I start with a melody, an idea in my head, maybe with lyrics and create a song from scratch with a producer, sometimes a producer might have an instrumental that inspires me and I begin writing to it..


Tell us more about your new ep “calm before the storm”…


I purposefully titled it calm before the storm because these songs are the start or the warm up of what’s to come.. introducing my sound, my vibe my essence piece by piece, bit by bit.. It’s exciting ..

What inspired “Love Sick”?


I wanted to write a song about being obsessively in love in a playful catchy sexy rocky and fun way!

Me and my writing partner Cj wrote this super quick I remember. I started out calling the song “doctor” but after we got done it made more sense to call it “lovesick”.


And “Hollywood”?


Hollywood was an amazing experience.

I got together with tony Dixon and we created this song based upon how love is kinda like Hollywood.. it seems like it’s all about the glitz and glam but it’s not .. just like love .. it’s not just flowers and confetti.. realistically speaking but that’s the beauty of it all .. and we gotta embrace all of it ..


Tell us your favorite Sunday Monday record….


Mm….. that’s too weird to answer lol don’t think I have songs particularly for those days lol


What is the best verse you wrote?


“All this searching for me, it’s taken me where I wanna be. I’m not lost anymore , i am home”





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