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“Can I be me” is a documentary about the life of Whitney Houston, directed by Nick Broomfield and released in 2017 by BBC and Showtime Networks.

There are different explanations regarding what led to the premature death of the singer….suicide? overdose?

The documentary is picturing a new kind of scenario…..she died, before everything else, of a broken heart.

In fact, Whitney has always been a very fragile person,  very attached to her family (too her dad especially), a loving mother and a loyal wife.

The divorce, the lawsuit from her father, the distance to her daughter and the absence of true friends weakened Whitney up to a point that drugs and alcohol have taken her life.

The documentary is collecting a series of witnesses around her life (musicians, friends, family members and many more) , giving the opportunity to the audience to “dig deeper” about her life and tragic death.



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