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Can’t Swim will release a new EP called “Someone Who Isn’t Me” on December 4, 2020 through Pure Noise Records.

The band continues to explore breaking genre boundaries. In 2019, they released their hardcore inspired EP Foreign Language, which included guest vocalists Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, Frank Carter, and Drew Dijorio of Stray From the Path. It was followed by “When The Dust Settles a stripped down, re-worked and re-imagined versions of some of the band’s most popular songs.

Now fans can pre-order the EP “Someone Who Isn’t Me” HERE.

“Someone Who Isn’t Me” is the most sonically different. The band found distinct sounds and elements that set the intention of the EP right away. If anything, the songs on “Someone Who Isn’t Me” prove that the band doesn’t need to rely on genre staples to make something that will resonate with fans. The emotion of their past work is still present.

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