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Around 18 months after their first album, Captain Rico and the Ghost Band are back with a sequel…
Darker, more modern and perhaps with a more complex structure than the first album, ‘Fréquences d’outre-tombe (Rhythms from beyond the grave)’ is still in the realm of Surf Music, though the register is slightly different. There are still some parts that are rather psychedelic, and even nostalgic as in A Long Time Ago or Last Will. The group flirts humorously with Horror Surf in tracks like ‘Dance of the Zombie Warrior’ or ‘Dracula on a Skateboard.’ The tone can even darken a little and become sombre, like in ‘Secret Weapons,’ for example. Not a trace of the carefree nature of their début album remains in this one, but the group is still full of powerful energy.
The video clip was filmed at the chateau in Lourdes, France, with the Pyrenees mountains and the magnificent Cirque de Gavarnie as a backdrop, produced by Sylvain Montet.
Still inspired by the Surf Music wave created in the 1960s by Dick Dale and groups like The Shadows, with ‘Fréquences d’outre-tombe,’ Captain Rico and The Ghost Band bring us 11 new instrumental tracks to come on March 4th, featuring a kaleidoscope of guitar riffs, from powerful to simply off the wall.

Surf Music

Basque country – FRANCE

Musiciens :
Damien Ricaud : Guitar
Ludovic Timoteo : Bass
Yves Manceau : Drums
Edition : Klub Music Publishing
Recording : l’Art’Scenal Studios (Tarbes) 
Mastering : Benjamin Savignoni chez Translab (Paris)
Digital distribution: Believe Digital 
Physical distribution : Space Disque 
Production : Spider Music

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