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Hello everyone,

Now more than ever, Mad Cool Festival we would like to show our support to Mad Cool Festival & Madrid and contribute with our enthusiasm and excitement; thanks to the encouraging news we have received for 2021, we start to see the end of the tunnel. Mad Cool Festival has announced 27 new names. If we stay together, Madrid will soon be again a leading spot for music and culture in 2021, as it has been during the past years. We all are Madrid!

Organizers’ intention was to announce Artists at the end of August, however, the new Covid wave delayed everything. The international agencies were forced to postpone new commitments until now that they have a clearer vision of next year’s situation.

So now we know the 27 new names that shape the line-up for Mad Cool 2021. We have no doubt that it will be the most complete and impressive line-up so far!

The remaining 2 headliners will be announced on Thursday & Friday as well as 5 more bands plus the 6 winners of the Mad Cool Talent competition. 13 names in total that will finalize the line-up for this long-awaited edition.

The Mad Cool Talent competition will be opened soon. They started this platform to support the up-and-coming bands and brand new talent so we can, in the future, watch them perform at one of the big stages. This is one of organizers’ main goals as part of the music ecosystem, without a solid musical and cultural movement, we cannot grow as an industry nor a society.

Due to a change in their touring plans, Mumford & Sons and London Grammar won’t be part of the line-up next Summer and will be replaced by Kings of Leon and The War On Drugs.

On another matter, after being the only festival with the refund process available for 5 months, it will end next Tuesday December 1st at 23:59. Later on they will announce the remaining headliners for Thursday and Friday as well as few more Acts that will finalize the line-up. We are positive that you will be excited about them. Ticket prices will remain the same until they announce the 2 headliners left or until any ticket type sells out.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that 1,178 new 4 day tickets will go on sale starting now. They have put a limited amount of 4 day tickets on sale, equivalent to the number of 4 day tickets that have been refunded. They received a lot of requests from you so they decided to enable this option. The change or upgrade to one of these 4 day tickets is guaranteed, within the period allowed, for all of you who had already bought your tickets regardless of the refunded allotment.

As we have informed before, in case the authorities should not allow the Festival to happen, Mad Cool will always follow the refund policies specified by the authorities in the same manner they’ve been doing up until now.

Organizers want to thank you all for being there. Without you the festival couldn’t be possible.

They would also like to thank their city council as well as Madrid local government, sponsors and collaborators that are helping them to “cross the desert”.

Take care of the people around you and yourselves and always follow the recommendations of the authorities.

Music is what gives us a reason to live, what unites people and helps us put our differences apart. Mad Cool 2021 is getting closer!!


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