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Leeds trio Caro release their debut album ‘Burrows’ on YALA! Records. The album was preceded by the release of BBC 6Music playlisted single, ‘Closet Lunatic’ and its incredible stop-motion video, made entirely by the band themselves and the perfect representation of the creative dedication and unique vision that form the backbone of Caro.

Driven by frontman and creative lynchpin Adam Pardey, Caro are true polymaths and completely self-sufficient, painstakingly creating an intriguing world around them that always echoes the dichotomy found on ‘Burrows’ – fun and playful, counterbalanced with lyrics that tackle the very darkest sides of mental health.

Isolation, introversion, mental instability, paranoia, confusion, suicide and self-loathing are all themes found throughout ‘Burrows’, revealing themselves once the listener has been drawn in by irresistibly catchy hooks, innovative sonic palette and sing-along choruses. A long time in the making, deeply personal and described by Adam as his “hiding place for the last 8 years” it is a singular record, with a singular vision, created by one of the exciting bands in the country.

In support of the release, Caro embark on a 5 date ‘virtual in-store’ tour, performing at Banquet Records, Kingston (4th December), Rough Trade Shops (6th December), Drfit Records, Totnes (7th December) and Resident, Brighton (8th December).      
For more information please visit www.carotheband.com

The track list for ‘Burrows’ is:

1.    Closet Lunatic
2.    Fall Apart
3.    Cold Comfort
4.    Out to Get You
5.    Cat’s Pyjamas
6.    Burrows
7.    Eyes on the Ground
8.    Form a Line
9.    Smorgasbord
10.  Monster Man
11.  Figure Me Out


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