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Marty McCoy, vocalist and guitarist of the band Bobaflex (http://www.theofficialbobaflex.com),  answered, today, to our questions regarding the band’s last achievements and the plans for the future….

RYL:  What is the most important thing in your music?

MARTY McCOY – The most important thing is the music.  Lyrics come second, only because, if the groove isn’t right the lyrics are just boring poetry.

RYL: How do you usually write the verses of your songs?

MARTY McCOY – The verses usually come second to the chorus.  We write the big hook first and the verses fall into place next.  It’s easier to write that way, once you’ve established the message or concept.   If the chorus isn’t great, there is no need to move forward.

RYL: Two months ago you released your new album “Charlatan’s Web”, what inspired its lyrics?

MARTY McCOY –  True stories!!!  Everything we write about has either happened to us or someone close to us. You wouldn’t want to write a book about rocket science if you knew nothing about it.  LOL

RYL: “Bad Man” is the song that, as of now, obtained the most success, why in your opinion?

MARTY McCOY –  The song is about the anti-hero instead  of the victim.  This concept has been forgotten.   We need more song about kicking ass instead of having our asses kicked.

RYL: Our favorite song is “Losing My Mind” , tell us more about its verses…

MARTY McCOY –  Also one of my favorites on the album.  The song deals with life on the road and how you can easily get caught up in all the bad fun.  Alcohol and drugs are great ways to get to sleep, or wake up when you need to.  You’re not really careful it can cause insanity!!!  Most touring musicians know what I’m talking about.

RYL: What is the most important thing when you are on tour?

MARTY McCOY –  Promotions!!!  If a band rocks in a club and no one is there to hear it, did they make a sound?  Radio support is a big part of successful touring in the United States.  

You have to make sure that the correct outlets are all on board.  Does the venue advertise on the station?  Is that station spinning the current single and aware you are coming to town.  Social media is great, but the power of radio will never be replaced. Food and showers are secondary concerns.

RYL: What was the craziest thing a fan did for you?

MARTY McCOY –  A fan gave us a loan to buy our tour bus. That’s pretty crazy!!!!

RYL: Tell us more about the song “Slave” a song published on your album “Hell in My Heart” in 2011

MARTY McCOY –  It’s all about being totally whipped.  When the sex is amazing you will pretty much do anything your lady asks, or I will anyway.  My fiancé asked me to write a sweet song about her and this is what came out. Not sure if this is what she had in mind.  It’s a female fan favourite.

RYL: Up until today which was your biggest achievement?

MARTY McCOY –  Surviving the music industry and doing it on our own terms. The guys in the band are tough as nails and I am honored to call myself a member.  We also write pretty cool songs. I’m in my favorite band!!!!

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