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CLANS has shared his new single “Trendy (Yes It’s Trendy, Oh It’s Sooo Damn Trendy To Be Cool)“. CLANS is the moniker of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Niko Monjarez.

Nicholas Monjarez is a multi-faceted musician: a producer/songwriter/vocalist/guitarist who composes and gives life to music in diverse genres including electronic, doo-wop, folk, and indie.

He was born and raised in Detroit before moving to Boston where he began performing in local clubs and venues. He grew up in a religious household, went on mission trips, was heavily involved in church retreats, but strayed away from structured religion when he was 18. At 19 & again at 21, he spent months traveling throughout the United States, first hitchhiking on foot and again in a gutted van. At 23, he moved to Los Angeles where he started producing music under the alias-Clans. His music is heavily influenced by his experiences while traveling the country and in his relationships.

Clans was created for those who don’t want to feel alone. Connecting to his tribe of friends, family, and fans is what Niko is all about.  He is introspective and his music is calming while communicating his love for others.

In March of 2016, Clans released his first doo-wop single “Alibi”, and was on seven Spotify viral charts as high as number 7 in Australia for multiple weeks. He has since released ‘Prayers’, ‘Glendale’, and ‘Ride’ to a great response on Spotify. ‘Ride’ has recently been heard playing nationwide in Kohl’s and Panera Bread.

He’s opened for Banks at the Observatory in Santa Ana and Crywolf (Live) at Avalon in Hollywood. 2018 will mark the beginning of several live tours.


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