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Columbus have dropped “Care At All”, a second taste of their new album “A Hot Take On Heartbreak” set for release on May 25

Care At All” received its first spin on BBC1 Rock Show at the weekend and as frontman Alex Moses explains:

“‘Care At All’ is lyrically one of the darker songs on the record, but instrumentally it has a surfy-grunge feel. I wrote the song about what it feels like to let down someone you love, and neglect what’s really important to you.  I was drinking a mix of apple juice and Whiskey in the studio while tracking vocals, which felt appropriate as the song flirts with the themes of alcoholism.” 

Bands evolve from album to album as the lives of its members, and their music tastes, continue to change. That’s particularly true in the case of Columbus, whose debut album was entitled Spring Forever, but its follow-up A Hot Take on Heartbreak has seen the Brisbane trio opting for a dramatic change of season.

That desire to move on was informed by a shift in the collective listening habits of Alex and his bandmates, bassist Ben Paynter and drummer Daniel Seymour, who traded the punk and hardcore of their formative years for the influential alt-rock of the late 90s/early 00s, including Weezer and The All-American Rejects.

Columbus recorded A Hot Take On Heartbreak with Joel Quartermain, widely known as the multi-instrumentalist of Western Australian rockers Eskimo Joe; and a producer with a wealth of experience and the know-how that comes with being in a band himself.

And not just any band; Joel’s experience having won eight ARIAs over the course of multiple Number one and platinum albums informed the creative process in such a way that it allowed Columbus to take more risks because they had the full support of someone who had already scaled the heights.
A Hot Take On Heartbreak is available for preorder via iTunes.
1 Don’t Know How to Act
2 Care at All
3 Worn Out This Week
4 Feelin’ Low
5 Give Up
6 Woke Up With a Heart Attack
7 Piece of S**t
8 Cut It Out
9 Difficult Conversations
10 Feel This Way
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